Astrophysics division (BP4)

The fourth division of fundamental research (Badanie Podstawowe 4) deals with research in astrophysics and astronomy, mainly observational and experimental. The BP4 division is located in the Astrophysics Laboratory, based in Warsaw at 7 Pasteura street and the Cosmic Radiation Physics Laboratory, based in Łódź at 69 - 28 Pułku Strzelców Kaniowskich street.

The research conducted at the Astrophysics Laboratory includes:

  • Cosmology: CMB, large structures of the Universe, dark matter, non-standard cosmology and gravitational lensing
  • Gravitational waves: multi-messenger astronomy, new tools for cosmology
  • Physics of galaxies: Formation and evolution of galaxies, AGN, quasars and gamma-ray burst
  • Interstellar medium: Star formation, neutron stars and white dwarfs

The BP4 division is also involved in several international projects.


Division Head: prof. Agnieszka Pollo
Secretary (Warsaw division): Dorota Dobrowolska
Secretary (Łódź division): Marika Przybylak